Brian Kline

Title/Name: Mr. Brian Adam Kline

Position: Theatre and Film Specialist, Co-Chair: School Improvement Team


Teacher Website:

Education: Bachelors of Fine Arts in Acting, West Virginia University

Biography:  Mr. Kline is a writer, director, producer, actor and educator.  Through The Kline Company he has produced several short films, music videos, including a feature length film titled New Year’s Day.

A 2009 graduate of West Virginia University with a B.F.A. in Acting.  While at WVU, he acted in several projects including Hot L Baltimore and Hamlet.    Freelancing, he has worked on the Dreamworks SKG film She’s Out of My League in 2008 as well as the ABC Television show Extreme Home Make Over: Home Edition.  He has worked as a projectionist at South Branch Cinema 6, West Virginia University’s Gluck Theatre and the Cameo Art House Theatre.

Mr. Kline has directed the plays A Streetcar Named Desire, The Diary of Anne Frank, Fences, The Vagina Monologues (Pryer Award for Best Directing), Alice In Wonderland, The Young Wizards of Oz, and Hollow Men.  Mr. Kline has directed the short plays Cold But Soft, The One That Got Away and Kiss Me..  Mr. Kline also wrote and directed the children shows Gleekosaur, Gleeks In Space and 20,000 Gleeks Under the Sea for Gilbert Theater’s Glee. In 2018, he will direct Venus and Fur and write/direct the children’s show Gleekosaur II.  Along with directing plays, he serves as the Artistic Associate and Co-Education Director at the Gilbert Theater.  Mr. Kline is the co-founder of Gilbert GATE, an intensive Acting program designed for high school and college students.  He teaches Film and Acting at Fayetteville Technical Community College, Cape Fear Regional Theatre and The Capitol Encore Academy’s After School Kids College.  This is his third year of teaching at TCEA.  Mr. Kline enjoys the beach, the woods and big cities.  

One-Liner:  “If I find a good story that really won’t leave me alone, then I can’t leave it alone.”